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Registration Information

All participants need to register in order to attend the workshop. Admission to the workshop is not allowed without registration.

Registration for the workshop, the tutorials and the social events will be available through the "Register" link.

In order to correctly organize the workshop (social events, goodies, ...), the regular registration  process will be close after Friday 28th March 2014.

The registration fee (both regular and student) includes admission to the workshop, coffee-breaks, lunch, USB proceedings, banquet and welcome reception.

In order to include the papers in the proceedings, at least one author of each paper must complete the registration form by January 7th, 2014. Student participants presenting more than one paper in the workshop are required to pay the regular registration fee (not student fee).

According to IAPR's policy, should an author have more than one paper accepted, only one registration is required for publication although other authors are encouraged to register and participate in the workshop.

Each paper (oral or poster) must be presented by an author at the workshop. Failure to present a paper during the workshop will likely result in withdrawal of the paper from the conference digital library (Xplore).

Registration Fees (regular registration should be done before 28/03/2014)

Registration Category

Early bird pricing

(before Feb. 7th, 2014)

Late Pricing

(after Feb. 7th, 2014)

IAPR member 500 550
Non-member 530 580
Students - IAPR member 380 420
Students – non IAPR member 400 420
Extra Banquet Ticket 100 100
Extra page (only 1 page) 100 -

 Please read carefully the: following information before filling the DAS 2013 Registration Form.

Payment information

All prices mentioned in this web-site are in Euro (€)

Payments can be done by Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard) or Bank Transfer. Credit Card payments are processed via a secure gateway and are subject to a credit card merchant fee (Visa/Mastercard: 2%, Diners: 3.22% and Amex: 4% - to be checked). Please note there is also a credit card bank transaction fee of XX€ per credit card transaction.These extra fees will be added to the registration fees indicated in the above table.

A confirmation email will be send after the payment is made. Bank transfer details will be included in your confirmation email.

For early planning purposes, all attendees are encouraged to complete Online Registration before January 7, 2014, to enjoy the early bird discount registration fee.

Online Payment information 

Only Visa and Mastercard are accepted for online payment.

Extra Page Charge for Regular papers

Please be aware that there is a 5-pages limit for your paper in the proceedings. However, additional page (maximum one page) is permitted, but this extra page will incur an additional charge of 100 and this charge should be paid by the author in addition to the registration fees.

OPEN UNTIL 28/03/2014 

Purchase order

French institutes can pay by purchase order. Bank information of Université de Tours can be found under this link.

Bank information univ tours

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