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The DAS 2014 will present awards to the authors of selected papers of high quality in 2 categories. The awards will be announced and presented at the closing ceremony.
1.  The IAPR Nakano Best Paper Award

In memory of the late Prof. Yasuaki Nakano, the honorary chair of this workshop and the general chair of DAS1998, the IAPR Nakano Award (the best paper award) was established.
The Best Paper Award is intended for the paper of best overall quality in respect of the originality, significance and presentation. In addition to the writing quality, the quality of presentation and question answering at the conference will be taken into account in evaluation.The IAPR Nakano Award as the best paper award will be selected by the DAS2014 award selecting committee.

2.  The ITESOFT Best Student Paper Award

The Best Student paper award will be sponsorized by ITESOFT company.The Best Student Paper Award is selected from papers with the first-author being a student (PhD level or lower). The overall paper quality and the presentation at the conference will be taken into account in evaluation.

Awardees will be selected based on the review comments and recommendation received from the reviewers and PC members. The winners will be announced during one of the occasions of DAS 2014.

 Awards selection committee members

Jean-Marc OGIER, University of La Rochelle – France

Ray SMITH, Google - USA

Andreas DENGEL, DFKI – Germany

Daniel LOPRESTI, Lehigh University - USA


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